Blogging in Busy Times

Fellow Grand Strand blogger Andre muses about his light blogging when his day job is crushing him. I’m right there with you brother. When I look back at my posts over the last few months, it’s way heavy with tiny trivial quick hits.

I really prefer to once a week at the very least stretch my legs on a longer post with deeper thoughts on whatever subject is top of mind to me. I find that those sort of posts are the ones that get linked to and passed around, thus increasing my “authority” in that Technorati/Google sort of way. It’s not like I’m on a quota system per se or feel like I need a certain status, but mainly those posts are fun to write. They provide the most overall satisfaction per writing calorie burned. The problem is that they require the most time as well, and when life is thrashing they are never top priority. Maybe this weekend at ConvergeSouth will provide me with a transfusion of blogging vitality and help alter my priority balance equation. Here’s hoping so, at the very least.

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