ConvergeSouth Eve

I’m engaging in the ritual I pretty much always do the night before I go to any sort of blogging or new media conference: I’m doing laundry. Isn’t that what everyone does? I see that Dan Conover is “crogging”, ie cramming by trying to read the blogs of lots of other attendees. Will he be reading this entry? Oh, the recursion! Last year I set up a CS metafeed at BlogDigger but this year I just didn’t get around to it. Actually, the list from last year is still alive, although not necessarily a perfect reflection of this year’s attendees.

I think tomorrow I might try an experiment in live blogging. I haven’t ever done that before, and will abandon it in a heartbeat if it becomes a drag. My main deal there is to hang out and spend time with people so that takes priority but I will try to record what I’m hearing in the sessions as I can. I’m also bringing the recording gear so I might do a little interviewing of my colleagues, although I will probably wait until Saturday to unpack it. Tomorrow will probably have a long walk from the parking lot to the building, so I don’t plan on lugging the Marantz for that.

I’m really excited and actually have butterflies in my stomach about the whole deal. I can’t wait to see y’all!

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