Go (Farther) Tribe

It’s official, I’m rooting for the Cleveland Indians. I’ve always liked the team, and was kind of glad to see them be the ones my boys beat in 1995. They are straight up worthy adversaries. Wouldn’t you think for any team that makes it to the World Series by beating both the Yankees and the Red Sox in the AL playoffs that getting to face the Colorado Rockies would seem like a relief?

I reflexively root for the National League team when there are not extenuating circumstances (such as the NL team being the Mets.) This year, I’m not so sure. I might be rooting for the Indians all the way. I’ll be doing my rooting in honor of the late great George Alec Effinger, perhaps the most devoted Indians fan I have ever met — and most of his fan time was logged during the several decades they really sucked. Win it for Piglet, boys!

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