ConvergeSouth, Day 1, Lunch and Afternoon

Lunch was fun. I chatted with Ben Hwang for a long time, and saw my friend from Virginia Robert Harvey. I sat with Don Moore and talked for a while. Don is the guy who made the t-shirt order that pushed me over the edge of needing to reprint.

After lunch, I wanted to go to the Affiliate Marketing presentation to see if there is something I can use with AmigoFish. The program guide said C-215 so I looked around until I could find the room. When I got there, I found out that the program was wrong and that my room was actually A-209, right by where I had come from. Oh well.

This presentation is pretty decent. I sort of feel like a dunce that I haven’t pursued any of this stuff before. I had no idea there were so many ad things. I’m almost certainly going to sign up a bunch of these things and put them in rotation on AF.

I have achieved power outlet. For years, I always think I should throw a $0.99 cube tap in my backpack for those cases when I’m travelling and only have one outlet for my many power needs. I never have, sure wish I had one now. I’m having to ration time between my laptop and my cell phone, both of which are hurting. I feel like a scuba diver going buddy system after a tank has run out.

Interestingly enough, a number of the pro journalists and media makers are in this room. I think people are looking for ways to make themselves a revenue stream even if their newspaper lays them off or goes under. Probably not the worst idea in the world, if you work for a newspaper.

Now I’m in the session with Anton Zuiker and Jason Calacanis – “Social Web as a Social Force.” JC is telling the story about how his blog post about cellphone insurer Asurion sucking is the #5 Google hit for the company. Now he’s telling the story about using to go to find a bulldog meetup near his house. “You’ve never seen something so wonderful as 60 bulldogs playing in a park.”

OK, this session is really not holding my interest. No fault to anyone involved, but I’m kind of tired and not into it. Wait, Calacanis just did an experiment of putting his cell phone on Twitter. Within a minute or three Robert Scoble called in. He put him on speaker phone and mentioned that he has a job offer to Scoble just for his social network, saying that the value of having him blog about Mahalo all day would be worthwhile. He made the statement “The size of his social network makes him employable even though he is unmanageable.”

Now I’m at the hotel in Mcleansville. It was a little tricky figuring out how to get from the campus to I-40 East since it was a weird patchwork of access roads that let to other access roads. I’m here now, hanging at the Hampton Inn. I’ve got to say, they are moving up my list of preferred hotel providers. No fuss, clean rooms, decent breakfast and free wifi. What else can a nerd on the road want? This room has a fridge and a desk with the Ethernet and power connectors at desk level – no crawling required. There is a fridge and microwave and couch. I can hang.

The big decision now is … nap or no nap? The BBQ starts in an hour and a half, I’m about a 15 minute drive away, so a quick 30 minute snooze might really do the trick. I love conferences like this and this one in particular, but even two days can be a grind. If I go to the BBQ and then stay out for all the bands, I won’t be back at the hotel until after 1 AM. If I want to make it to the first session tomorrow, I need to leave the hotel between 8:15 and 8:30 AM. Add in some showering and getting ready, and there isn’t a lot of sleep time in the middle. This is the part of getting old that is a drag. Most parts I don’t mind, but I wish I could just do stuff like this for days or years on end and not feel it. Sadly, I squandered that when I was young (as we all do.) I’ll do my best to limp this wreck back to the pits before I need a tow.

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  1. I’m having to ration time between my laptop and my cell phone, both of which are hurting. I feel like a scuba diver going buddy system after a tank has run out.

    I had to do something similar with a bottle of rum once. Of course, that was back in the days I could squander the energy you mention later in the post.

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