ConvergeSouth, Day 1, Evening and Late Night

Running late. In at 1 AM + phone call from work at 5 AM = sleepy boy not getting up on schedule. Still trying to make the conference before the breakfast is over. Shower like the wind, Forest!

Aycock Barbecue

I did take the nap and then headed out to the BBQ at the Hoggard’s house in the Aycock neighborhood. I was surprised how easily I found the place. I was standing next to Ed Cone as he gave directions to another of the locals. How can I be ahead of the Greensboro geography curve? I got myself two loads of pig and coleslaw and beans and then went on to have a big old cup of banana pudding. I talked with Donna Fryer and Don Moore and Ed Cone and a lot of people whose names elude me now. I wear my nametag to everything just for that reason because it makes it easier on the strained and bulging memories. I talked to Jay Ovittore who is running for Congress in 2008. He’s got the political thing down, because I met him for 5 minutes two years ago but he remembered me, what I do and where I live. Jay in ’08! We need more rock and roll Congressmen with tattoos. Maybe Jay can be our Vaclav Havel.

I talked with Jinni Hoggard, who again I only met briefly years ago. Her main concern was making sure I knew how to get back to my hotel from her house, from the music venue. What a lovely woman. I spent a lot of time talking music and South Carolina with Mitchell Davis, with whom I’m also going to have dinner with tonight. Meeting him and Farrah Hoffmire was one of my big desires for the weekend, and getting to hang out with him last night was mission accomplished.

I left the BBQ around the time as Dan Conover and Janet Edens et al. I phoned home and checked in while I drove from Aycock to downtown Greensboro. Around the time I got down to south Elm Street I realized I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going. I pulled onto a side street to finish my phone call. About the time I hung up, Dan pulled up next to me. I rolled down the window and said “Dear god, I hope you weren’t following me. I have no idea where I am!” I looked at the map and we couldn’t have been far. We went out the other side of the street to Greene Street and realized we were one block from the venue. That’s the best lost I’ve ever been.

Thacker Road Diary

I saw three bands – The Wigg Report, Little Mascara and Thacker Dairy Road. [Update: I must have been tired or hungover over both because both here and on Flickr I consistently called them “Thacker Road Diary>” That ain’t right.] I liked all three bands and wish I could have seen more of The Wigg Report. They played about 3 songs after I got there, power trio with a stand up girl drummer kind of Stray Cats rockabilly style and a keyboardist/saxophonist instead of a bassist. Second band Little Mascara was a 5 piece punkish band. I found them to have a very X like vibe (and Dan Conover independently verified my opinion). They had a percussionist that looked exactly like Al Jourgenson of Ministry who was almost exclusively a cowbell player. Friends, this band HAS MORE COWBELL! Sadly, they are the only one of the three from whom I did not get a CD but I hope to get songs to play on the show from MySpace. Last band was Thacker Dairy Road, more of a hippy positive vibe jam band feel. I’m pretty sure that the lead singer was sitting at the back of the room during the conference on Friday. I liked them and liked their original songs but they also had impeccable taste in covers. They played “The Harder They Come” and “As Long As I Can See The Light”, two songs I love very much. Afterwards I asked Molly the singer if I can use their songs in my podcast, and of course the answer was yes. When I bought the Wigg Report CDs from the band, they actually asked if I would podcast their music before I even asked. I love this new world of upside down control!

After all that, I hauled my ass back to the hotel without really getting lost despite the crazy patchwork of access roads. Back to the hotel at 1 AM, tired ass in bed and it ends where it began.

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  1. hey dave, sorry we didn’t meet the other night, but i was running around with my head chopped off trying to film video, assist the sound guy, you name it. i’m really glad you enjoyed the show. molly *was* sitting in the back row on friday afternoon, with john ford and me in tow. btw, she also has a solo album on amiestreet as a try and buy.

    hope to see you next year!

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