ConvergeSouth Day 2, Lunch and Afternoon

Lunch was good. I sat outside with Bora Zivkovic and Ed Cone and Dan Conover and we talked more about blogging (of course) and hands on portion of these conferences vs. talkety talkety talk. I made a point of introduction myself to Soni Pitts by telling her “I like the cut of your jib.” Apparently, that’s not a common way for people to introduce themselves to her. I talked with her and Thomas Pitts for a while, and then back inside.

Now I’m in the Why Most Web Videos Stink, but Yours Doesn’t Have To session. Now Ruby and I are in somewhat agreement that it began from the standpoint of “Web Video: Threat or Menace.” They used a video shot by Dave Winer as the poster video for a bad web video. Ruby didn’t think it was that bad, and I didn’t either. Ruby didn’t like the panel all the way through, I thought it picked up steam later on when we got into specfics. Ed Cone thought it was the best session he’s been to in 3 years of ConvergeSouth. That seems like it pretty much covers the waterfront on the range of opinions. One guy asked for books, and I suggested Robert Rodriguez’ Rebel without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player. I think that’s not only a great book for the philosophy of Just Creating Something, but also is full of tips for how to make your film (or web video) better for almost no money.

Now I’m in the panel for Blog to Book. Stewart Pittman is talking about how they are compiling a book from his blog and Soni Pitts is editing it. It’s not a bad panel and Soni is a new favorite person of mine. It’s not great at this point, though. There aren’t really any surprises or hearing much that I didn’t already know. I’m about to speak up and see what happens.

The last half of this panel I like better than the front half. I asked if knowing that he was compiling a book out of his blog makes him blog differently. I liked his response, which was basically “Yes” but at greater length and insight. I brought up my current frustration with my own current state of blogging. Hell, I’ve posted more in the last two days than any two weeks since early summer. Is the logjam broken? Will I be going back over the history of this blog and trying to cull my own book from it? Who knows what the future holds? The answer to all this stuff, as to most questions in this life is, “….. mmmm Maybe.”

Now I’m back at the hotel. There was a wrapup session where people provided feedback about the conference. My big point – 15 minute breaks are too short because I spent two days in a constant state of starting a conversation and then getting herded into a room. Overall I like it. For those who wanted some kind of a Myrtle Beach blogger/podcaster/film maker/whatever conference, things might be afoot. Watch the skies.

I’m going to change from jeans to slacks and nice shoes for our (literally) fancy pants dinner, and then off to the film festival. I’ll post an evening wrapup, but it probably won’t happen until I get home. I have a hard 1 PM deadline to get my dog from the kennel or else wait a day, so getting him is the first priority Sunday AM. Should I miraculously be full of energy tonight, I’ll start on that. Thanks to everyone who talked to me and informed and entertained and hugged me. It’s been a great time, exactly what I needed and I still have an evening of it left. Thank you.

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