New Tagline

I changed my tagline/subtitle based on a spontaneous remark I made at the bar last night. The motto of this blog is now “Defy the Zeitgeist”. I think we are also going to print up t-shirts for it.

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7 thoughts on “New Tagline”

  1. You defy the zeitgeist, I’m gonna define the zeitgeist.

  2. hugh says:

    Put me down to defile the zeitgeist.

  3. I may even deny the zeitgeist.

  4. Ken Nelson says:

    I like Deride the Zeitgeist.


  5. dave says:

    Damn, this post is rife with comedy. How about “De* the Zeitgeist”

  6. It’s too late to decry the Zeitgeist now.

  7. Ken Nelson says:

    This is the most fun I’ve had since the initial appearance of the

    For now, I shall Derail the Zeitgeist.


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