Heading Home

I’m packed up and about to vacate the Hampton Inn for the pleasant confines of home. I’ve got to get back to my dog and take him to the Bark Park, and there is a game 7 in the ALCS and all the normal things I would do in your average weekend. This time driving in I figured out where I made the wrong turn in Rockingham NC last time that left me confused and lost but also took me to John Coltrane’s birthplace in Hamlet. So, there is yin and there is yang. I’m tired and happy and glad I came.

If anything, I have maybe less of the giddy holy fire than I did two years ago, but more of a solid and less flashy but perhaps longer lasting resoluteness. I can do these things. If I want to make a movie next summer, I can do that. If I want to finally come out with Super Secret Project X, I can do that. If we want to have a tech conference in South Carolina, we can do that. My feeling now is less “Boy howdy are we special and wonderful for being interested in this stuff.” It is “Let’s roll up the sleeves because there is an enormous amount of work left undone and it ain’t going to do itself.” That might even be a better and more sustainable take away from ConvergeSouth. “Damn son, let’s get to work.” Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Heading Home”

  1. I was thinking of just that – A Tech Conference at the Beach!! Why not, everyone has conferences at the beach. Plus, you might even get people to come – it would be FUN!

  2. Don, we are thinking hard about that. One statement that come up over the weekend was “Greensboro is not a destination city.” Well, Myrtle Beach and Charleston are. Bring the whole family and the non-geeks can boogie board or play mini-golf or real golf or go shopping. It’s not like they’d be sitting bored at the hotel waiting for the conference to end.

    I’m going to explore some options on meeting space this week. If were are going to do it for spring 2008, we need to get cracking post-haste.

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