Thermos Greenwood

I’m listening to last week’s Personality Crisis and Jon has on these crazy guys from Thermos Greenwood. I don’t know how it is that I’ve never heard of them. They seem to come from that whole old Atlanta musician Glen Philips/Bruce Hampton/Swimming Pool Qs axis. I liked all the songs they played and want to find out more about the band. The banter between these two old southern guys reminded me of the Subgenius shows. Big chunks of their conversation could have been between Philo Drummond and Ivan Stang.

Listening to them talk with lots of hilarious asides and malaprops, at one point they made a normal statement but because I was conditioned to expect the wacky I misheard it. Although they didn’t say this, when it hit my ears the statement became:

The hole is greater than some of my parts.

That sounds just dirty enough to be true.

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3 thoughts on “Thermos Greenwood”

  1. Goldrush says:

    It was one of Tommy Dean’s bands, a raucous alternative to League of Decency. They were a riot, faces painted in garish colors and lots of old Southern country-guy banter.

    The backstory was that Thermos (Thomas) had been a Dean family yard-man. In fact one of their regular numbers was I’m Your Yardman. It featured hilarious muttering about working for Buckhead matrons and other trials of that life.

  2. Guy Adams says:

    From a folk trio,to Smoo’s Barn Dance,to Thermos Greenwood was I believe the sequence that Tommy Dean took.Thermos and the band won an early 70’s battle of the bands that launched the band into stardom.The homologous union of Tommy Dean and members of” Fletcher and the Piedmonts” and other Buckhead bands became the best party and all around fun bands of the seventies.The “Sunbelt Millionaires” was next.Then “The Leaque of Decency” in which he is the front man.I have been there from the beginning .Thanks Tommy

  3. Guy Adams says:

    The bands plays every Halloween(usually at Club 29)They played a great show this past Sat..Don’t miss next year and make sure you are in costume

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