Reversing My Stance

I’ve been a critic of both Twitter and Facebook. I’m actually considering joining Facebook now, not because I care about it per se but because I’m thinking about creating an AmigoFish widget for it. I might could also be talked into joining Twitter if someone can convince me that there is anything interesting about it. I don’t get free SMS on my cell plan so I’m not hooking that part up, and I can’t imagine that I have that much interesting to put in there when I’m at my home or work computer.

@who_cares “Just scratched my ass, took a leak and got more coffee”

The only thing that strikes me as slightly interesting is to Twitter my progress when I am playing online poker. The problem with that is that when there are things of interest to put in is precisely the times I don’t want to be fooling with it, which strikes me as a fundamental flaw of the whole deal. Convince me I’m wrong, netizens, and I’ll sign up.

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6 thoughts on “Reversing My Stance”

  1. @drewdomkus says:

    although i do the occasional “scratching my ass” type twitter, i also like to use it as a promotional tool for when i have a new show available. but i think the most useful part of twitter is when we’re traveling for the show so that i can update what we’re up to and where we’re at for possible meetups.

  2. Dave, working from home, Twitter is my water-cooler. It’s also a major source of referrals to my blog and podcast (second only to Google search). I use twitter to get a input on ideas even faster than blogs can provide. No one I’m aware of in my twit-o-sphere uses the SMS side.

  3. mike dunn says:

    don’t use the sms part – to much noise, but i like the water-cooler analogy garrick used, that’s the way i think about it – except it has no geographic boundaries so it keeps me in touch w/ 100+ co-workers i wish i had 😉

    it’s good for microblogging too…

    as for facebook – i mostly use it to checkin on and experiment w/ community-based framework application stuff (work related) – but it also lets me interact w/ my son sean while he’s off at college in a less formal way than email…

    i do still use aim (mostly for work) and skype (mostly for personal) – its all just stuff in the quiver – nothing to get to caught up in – just tools dave…

  4. darusha says:

    I was in the anti-twitter camp for a long time, then I finally did get suckered into it. For me, it’s mostly like asynchronous semi-public IM, which I find I greatly prefer to regular IM (which feels like an intrusion most of the time).

    There’s an interesting casualness to it as well; the water cooler analogy is great. I wrote more about the role this kind of chatter can have for relationships here:

  5. Ken Nelson says:

    Just as long as you don’t adopt a wide stance. This has led to problems for certain people. 😉


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