Punk Rock and Social Media

Justin Kownacki has an interesting post comparing social media to punk rock. I’ve long said that although I have a history in radio, to me podcasting is less like that and more like the science fiction and punk zines I read and/or published in my youth.

Earlier today on Twitter I said that the spiritual brethren of podcasters and videobloggers are the crazy kids who are publishing minicomics. The dynamics are the same to me – technology has made the publishing and distribution cheap enough that it enables work that may not be commercially viable in the standard media. I think that’s to the good, and it enables crazy work like Jon Chadurjian’s Leo Geo, a vertically oriented tall skinny comic about a guy who digs through the world. I’m still waiting for him to reprint it so I can buy one. The spirit of creating for the pleasure of it, of perhaps making a buck or three but not caring if you don’t, that’s the same thing I feel doing the podcast.

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