Modern Girls Got No Shame

Modern Girls Got No Shame

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A few years ago, I made a blog post about how unbelievable my teenage self would find the modern world. “You mean to tell me that I’ll be able to see down girls pants and I won’t really enjoy it? No way, dude!” I made that post in the days before I owned a camera phone.

Here’s an illustration of what I’m talking about. A few days ago I went to a burger joint for my lunch. As I was eating, this is the view. In fact, this is not even turning my head as this girl was directly in my line of sight. Young women of America, hike up your pants and cover your asses up or failing that, wear longer shirts. Seriously, this should be fun but it is actually really gross.

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18 thoughts on “Modern Girls Got No Shame”

  1. Dom Barnes says:

    Its not just the US Dave. You get that here in the UK too. Thongs and low jeans are all over the place and its just not pretty.
    I think there’s also a tendency here to girls to crowbar themselves into the next size down too, so its like an elastic band on a half inflated balloon.

  2. chris sivori says:

    Satisfaction is the end of desire.

    In other words, the fact that it is so readily available makes it less attractive.

  3. Mark Forman says:

    That thong put me off my burger… yep definitely too much information in that pic.

  4. john says:

    you have crossed an age barrier – officially you are now an old coot.

  5. BAH!

    It ain’t pretty, but I’m willing to play devil’s advocate here. You’ve been giving the whole world this shot (minus the thong) your entire life. Trust me, I’ve seen it. If you had even been slightly handy, I would have put a week’s allowance on you becoming a plumber.

    And anyways, don’t hate the players, don’t even hate the game. It’s easy to condemn the young lady in the picture, but mostly cause she’s plus sized. At that age, she’s more the exception than the norm. Imagine what NCHS would have been like with fashion like that. I know I would look upon a thousand rumps like above for one shot of Nikki Cox like that, how about you?

  6. AA says:

    From a female perspective – I don’t care how “hot” a girl is – this is just wrong. Seriously, young women really need to have a little more respect for themselves!

    Besides, this look is *SO* 2001 .. if you’re going to commit a fashion faux pas, at least do it in a style a bit more current! 😉

  7. dave says:

    James, no sale. In fact, I thought that young lady was quite attractive but I still didn’t want to see the point of her thong. I can feel the breeze on my ass cheeks and try at least to cover it up.

    John, could be.

    Chris, you are probably right.

    Dom, interesting. I assumed it was just here. Are girls the world round airing out their hinders?

  8. ddoctor says:

    Its times like those where you need a good supply of 5c coins 🙂

  9. Paul says:

    All that is missing is the tatoo!


  10. Dom Barnes says:

    Dave, to be frank, thats a tame version of the shocking dress sense over here, Its often more thong than trouser, its treated as a fashion choice.
    Then there is the issue of skirts so short, they barely cover underwear!
    Its true they need to cover up and remember that more flesh doesn’t necessarily mean more attractive.
    I’m completely not against underwear showing a bit, but thongs are a no-no. Standard underpants are fine with me.

  11. I see I’m out on my own on this. Which is cool, I spend most of my time in that sort of situation.

    I’m not only not against it, I think such dress should be mandatory. I think the thing that this world (i.e. mine) needs is more woman skin. Much more.

    Right up until Emily gets to that age and then, of course, it’s burka time.

  12. Urban Kook says:

    I absolutely 100% agree. A thong does not really mitigate plumber’s butt…let’s bring into play the old modernist maxim: less is more. That girl could take some fashion hints from the compound girls of Big Love. They are scrump bunnies, but modest in public.

  13. mike dunn says:

    just noticed these comments from james – man you crack me up – i have two younger brothers, ones pretty passive, but the other doesn’t let a thing get by w/ a snarky response, actually both my boys are the same way – keeps me honest or at least on my game…

    example – the other day my younger one said something disrespectful about my geekiness, to which i said “well you have my dna” and his response was “well i don’t use it” – classic…

    as for this photo – my oldest son is in college, and my younger son is in high school, scary to think of a potential girlfriend of theirs dressing like this – burka works for me 😉

  14. Amber says:

    Well, our internal network here does not like Flickr, so I can’t see the photo, but I get a heavy tone of slut-shaming here and I do not like it one bit. Thumbs down to judging women for how they dress and making them responsible for what others think.

  15. dave says:

    Amber, I think that’s some pretty loaded language. I don’t know the girl and have no reason to believe that she is a slut. As far as shame, yeah that’s my point. If I can see that much of a dude’s butt at the burger joint, I promise you I’ll Flickr that too.

    I have no general problem with pretty girls showing me their asses, only I want it to be intentional. Wear pants that fit and only drop them when you mean it!

  16. I agree with Amber. I highly disapprove of any shaming of the sluts. Not only are they not responsible for my thoughts, I hope they can’t tell what they are. In fact, I’m really hoping they don’t believe in any shaming of the James.

    I also disagree with Dave if he honestly believes that the ass showing is unintentional.

    I think that she wants every bit of butt cleavage showing she can get, thus the choice of garments. And I salute that. As a patriotic girl it is her right flaunt what she has got. And as a patriotic man it is my right, nay my duty, to salute that flag of American flesh that she is flying. Only fops and dandies bridle at the sight of a red-blooded American girl’s butt.

  17. Amber says:

    Of course it’s loaded language. It’s warranted, because you made some pretty loaded statements.

    And now this:

    “I have no general problem with pretty girls showing me their asses, only I want it to be intentional. Wear pants that fit and only drop them when you mean it! ”

    You are not the arbiter of what any woman should or should not wear. You do not get to create the rules dictating when a woman can wear a certain thing, under certain conditions. You also do not get to assume that when she does so, that it has anything to do with *you* (re: your language “showing me their asses”). She owns her body. She owns her choices. They are hers, not yours.

  18. dave says:

    Amber, you win. You’ve convinced me. I’m now in favor of ass crack in restaurants.

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