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OK friends, I need some input. I’m going to reprint the EGC shirts. I’ve now taken orders for stuff packages for t-shirt sizes I don’t have to sell. I need to either print more or stop taking orders, and I’m going to reprint them. The white shirts are now end-of-life. I’m only reprinting black shirts this next time. If you are interested at all in getting a stuff package or even just the shirt minus the CD, I think I’m now amenable to that in the future. If you have a size that is not XL and are thinking about ordering one, send me an email and let me know that so I can be sure to order enough to cover them.

Every single time I have ordered shirts, within the first week after I got them I took a number of orders for XXL and XXXL shirts to the point where I wished I had known in enough time to up the order for those sizes. Please don’t surprise me the day I open the box of shirts, just leave me a non-binding email that you are whatever size and thinking about making an order. I appreciate that.

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