Closed Openness

Doc Searls posted that a new Gillmor Gang is up. I followed his link and end up at a Facebook login page. WTF? As someone who is still resisting that particular Borg, I can’t listen to the Gillmor Gang? Oh well, screw it. If that’s the price of admission then I’m probably not willing to pay.

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  1. When I saw the news about the Gilmore Gang, I had the exact same thought. Give me a fucking XML feed full of mp3 files or shut the fuck up, because I don’t have time for you.


  2. so i haven’t listened to gillmor gang/group/girls in a long time – for me it very quickly delivered zero signal to infinite noise…

    also, in it’s current distribution model it is no longer a podcast, i can’t find a rss feed on his site or in facebook containing the shows…

    and finally, steve breaks it up into 4 parts, probably because of some facebook size rule…

    if however dave you want to subject yourself to this mindlessness, the individual media files for the latest show are available via an unsecured directory:

    and if steve finds this, probably he will, i still like you as a person, but your show – not so much 😉

  3. Our new media overlords continue to make the same mistake as our old media overlords.

    “Want to watch/listen to my show? Then you have to do it the way I want you to.” Sounds like the whole radio/TV/NFL model all over again. Instead of getting the message out, we get our walled gardens and told to sit down, shut up, and enjoy — and we will.

  4. I’m no fan of Steve putting it inside Facebook; but I like and trust Steve even when I don’t approve of his methods. He’s a good friend and an original talent who has broken plenty of new ground over the years. If you’re willing to cut him some slack he tends to reward the gesture.

    We just finished recording the latest show (in which I give the Facebook silo a hard time, fwiw), and I think it’s a good one.

    The gang (now “group” for reasons not worth going into) is basically the same as it’s always been, only current. See some of ya there.

  5. Dave, you’re consistent and I love you for it. Eventually I’ll have enough of a base to release the RSS feed, but for now FB is a silo I’m enjoying. Eventually everything will be available in the clear (it already is as one of your guys notes) but then again you “probably” don’t care anyway. All the best to one of the podcasting greats.

  6. “Eventually I’ll have enough of a base to release the RSS feed, but for now FB is a silo I’m enjoying.”


    As many others here did…I got sick of the declining signal-to-noise ratio (for me, that came around the time Jon Udell left; which wasn’t all of the reason, but part of it.) Have fun in the silo, Steve. I won’t be joining you, but good luck in getting a base by limiting the potential size of your base! *shrug*

  7. Hey Dave,

    Although you should get a Facebook profile, you can leach off mine anytime. I see someone has already posted the direct links to the latest show… below is the first one:

    Nov. 2nd show –

    The drop expires one month from today so get ’em while you can 😉


  8. I’ve been mostly offline, so I’ll try to catch up. I’ll admit I didn’t think this simple post would light it up, but I guess anytime you invoke the Gillmor you invite the lightning.

    Steve, I love you too.

    That said, I’m with my guys in not following your strategy of “building your base” inside a silo being a prerequisite for releasing it. We’ve spent years building up a standardized infrastructure so what’s the value in going out in the weeds to do something different?

    I went off on Scoble’s Facebook infatuation a few months ago when he said he wanted to be contacted that way rather than via email. It seems stupid to me to want to eschew the ubiquitous and standard way of doing something for a siloed nonstandard. Facebook seems like a big silo, but silo it is nonetheless. Having to break up your show into 4 parts to work around some restriction of theirs suggests that maybe this isn’t the best way. It’s your party and you get to pick the music but that ain’t the way I’d dance.

    Tim, I appreciate that. Really, the only thing I care about Facebook is perhaps doing an AmigoFish app for it. Beyond that, I care nothing.

    Doc, I think it’s a goofy way about it. I appreciate your loyalty to your friends but it sometimes hampers your ability to really point out the dumbness of things they do. I’d like to get to be a friend of yours so maybe I can get in under that umbrella effect.

    Everybody else, thanks for the comments. Some care more or less about Steve and or the GG. I’m willing to give this version of the show a try. As a reminder, although no one got there a few are flirting with the ad hominem. Criticize the words and actions all day, but give the underlying person a break. You’ll be that guy who did/said something dumb one day, so let’s avoid the personal.

  9. “…let’s avoid the personal.”

    True, true, Dave. And if I came off as overly personal, that wasn’t my intent (though I admit, I was in full on “WTF?” mode when I clicked through and saw the Facebook download link thingies, so I may have been a little overly excited).

    I very much dig Steve Gillmor’s general slant toward technology journalism, punditry, et al. He’s quite the hoopy frood. I do reserve the right to say that, for ME, the signal-to-noise ratio for The Gillmor Gang declined as time went on…I felt like the podcast lost focus, and started being pulled in several directions.

    But the wonders of the podcastosphere allow people to pick up podcasts, enjoy them, leave, and then come back by again if they want to at a later date; so all is well. I’m sure plenty of people still enjoy it, and everyone involved has the right to rock on with it as long as they feel the slightest big of interest in doing so! If someone not “feeling it” for a particular podcast was a reason to shut it down, I’m pretty sure I’d be in severe, severe trouble…*grin*.

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