Cooling My Heels in the Cold

I’m sitting in the auto shop waiting for them to service my car. It seems like it will take less time than I thought, so I might even be in to work about the average time for me. I was hunkered down and prepared for it to take all morning but mercifully it seems like it won’t.

They have wifi here. Frankly, I’m not sure when any shop with a waiting room doesn’t have it. Nowadays, a $30/month cable modem and a $30 onetime cost for a router does it for you. It makes life a lot easier to have the option of doing your job sitting at the mechanics rather than always doing the car dropoff and pickup, particularly when the shop is kind of far from your house like this one is to mine.

One odd thing is that Twitter does not seem to be accessible from here. I suppose it could be down, but it just seems odd. Everything else I’ve tried works fine.

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4 thoughts on “Cooling My Heels in the Cold”

  1. The problem I’ve encountered with auto shop WiFi is that they’re router will only handle 1 (or some small number approaching 1) VPN connection through it. So you get online, get ready to VPN into work, and … can’t. Yay, web access, so much for actual work. The one morning I camped out at the shop (having excoriated the manager for previous sins and received assurances that this time they’d find it), I even got on the phone with their computer guy and then their ISP’s tech support. I’m sure you can imagine how that went.

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