Buy Nothing Day

So in principle I support Buy Nothing Day. It’s the same message I’ve been preaching on here and in my podcast for years. No TV or goodie is as nice as the feeling of being out of debt. However, I’m buying something today. There’s an item we’ve been talking about getting for six months, is much easier to get in the holiday season and is 30 to 50% cheaper if we buy it today than another time. So, are we getting played by the man or playing the man?

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3 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Day”

  1. I think *your* playing the man, as you’re going with a specific purchase in mind, if you come back with ONLY that at a substantially discounted price then you win, however if you buy something on a whim then you lose and the man wins.

    You still lose by having to deal with a crowded store, though 🙂

  2. Look at it this way Dave, rather than going to a store with a credit card and a vague idea of what you want, you’re making an informed buying decision based on several months of thought. Plus, you’re getting it, whatever it is, at a significant discount.

    My vote goes to ‘playing the man’.

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