Ron Paul in Myrtle Beach

Presidential candidate Ron Paul will be in Myrtle Beach today. A number of my coworkers are deep in the Ron Paul Madness. I’m not really sure what drives it myself. The best I can guess is that he is the guy who allows you to disapprove of the ridiculous waste of the war without having to cash in your right wing card.

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10 thoughts on “Ron Paul in Myrtle Beach”

  1. I beg you to explain to me why you dont agree with Ron Pauls beliefs? You show me one candidate that is honest and supports principle the way Ron does.

    Ron Paul is the salvation. You can try to throw all the propaganda towards. Your website sounds ridiculous. Why dont you place a big Russian Red Star next to the title.

    Anyone not supporting Ron Paul is an unpatriotic, socialistic Bushite !
    Followers of the revolution are the true Patriots. Wake up to reality!

  2. Ron Paul is not a savior. There are a wide variety of options if you oppose the war. Bringing in another republican is still a vote for big business. Don’t kid yourself, he’s just a token wingnut in the same way alan keyes is the republican’s token black.

  3. What drives the Ron Paul “madness” as you call it, is a candidate who is willing to bring fiscal responsibility back to our country, who believes that the government should not encroach on our personal liberties, who believes America should not be policing the world, who believes that states should have more local control, in other words, a person who would follow our Constitution as our president. If that’s madness, then I’ve got it…and it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if more Americans had this “madness” too. It’s time vote for REAL change in the White House.

  4. @Jennifer:
    Well put. Ron Paul needs supporters like you, who make their point succinctly and in a civil fashion.

    I’m inflicted with the same madness that you described.


  5. I have been voting for almost 50 years and always had to choose for the lesser of two evils. Not this time, I’m voting for Ron Paul, a candidate I agree with 100%.

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