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I’m not really much of a gamer of any stripe. I have a tendency to buy games like Netrunner and INWO and then never actually play them. I used to listen to and enjoy the Board Game Geek Geek Speak podcast even though I had almost never played any of the games they talked about. I am not really a member of their community although I drive by now and then. For those of you looking for some ideas on games you might give as gifts this year, BGG has published their 2007 Gift Guide. There is some good looking stuff on there. It’s wasted on me since I’d never actually play, but cool nonetheless.

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  1. The BGG Gift Guide is great, though a lot of the games there are slightly dated (as in, not released in the last couple of years), so if you’re buying a game for a serious board gamer, you’ll need to look further. An example is Pillars of the Earth which won the 2008 Games Magazine Game of the Year award that doesn’t show up on the list at all.

  2. The reason newer games like Pillars of the Earth isn’t included is because the games on the list are geared to non-gamers and families, that aren’t too complex or hard to learn. Pillars of the Earth is more a game for gamers.

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