MYR: My New Home

We’re trying our darndest to get out of Myrtle Beach and on to San Francisco. Thick fog last night kept planes from landing so that the flight we were supposed to take at 7:20 AM couldn’t happen – there was no plane to leave! We originally were slated to take a no connections, one stop itinerary where we stopped in Charlotte but kept going on the same plane. I like that because there is no way to miss a connection that way. Now we are going to Charlotte at 11, connecting, going to Phoenix, connecting and on to SFO. Instead of getting there around noon, it will be more like 6 PM. Sigh. It’s a good thing there is free wifi at MYR. It helps pass the time. I’m trying to catch up on email and Google Reader while we wait (and wait and wait.)

It’s a good thing we didn’t have a lot of plans. I wanted to go see the Heather Gold show tonight since I’ll be in town when it happens but that’s off the table now. I don’t think it’s physically possible to land, get our stuff, get to the hotel and back down to the Mission district in time. Oh well, que sera. Sorry Heather.

If there was any doubt about my lack of Twitter critical mass, it is proven by the fact that I asked on there if anyone was in SF and wanted to have lunch Tuesday or Wednesday. Consider probably half of all Twitter users are in the Bay Area, that’s kind of sad. Oh well. One of the two days will probably be Ethiopian food in the Mission district, the other day is open. I have an appointment at the Apple store tomorrow to get my keyboard fixed. Beyond that, my itinerary is wide open. I like that. I have a tendency to overplan and load up itineraries but that’s not really possible here so that helps fight my natural tendencies.

If we can ever get on a damned plane, we’ll be Cali bound!

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