Quite often I’ve seen blogs that for their commenting system they have OpenID as an option. I always skip that because I don’t have one. Well, actually I do. I did not realize this but anyone with a number of existing accounts have OpenID built in. Technorati is one of them, so I started using it as my login mechanism to a semi-secret beta (can’t be that secret, the founder Twitters about it). Just for fun, I think I’ll start using that for any blog comments that support it.

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4 thoughts on “OpenID”

  1. Ian Kallen says:

    That’s great! Technorati has been an OpenID identity provider for over one year, I’m hoping to provide more identity services in the future too, so stay tuned.

  2. Ken Kennedy says:

    Sweet! And if you get a spare 20 minutes, peruse to add a bit of markup to the homepage, and be able to use that url as your identifier. a) it’s easier to remember, and b) it’s a useful level of abstraction, IMO…it lets you switch out the authentication site behind the scenes if need be, but keep the identity of “”. I use the same thing with…just grep through the homepage html for openid, and you’ll see the slug. Dead simple, and really powerful.

  3. jpreardon says:

    Ken’s recommendation is a good one. You may wish to have that additional layer of abstraction one day if you decide to change identity providers. I’ve been using delegation since I read Simon’s article last year and it works great.

  4. dave says:

    Ian, I didn’t think about it but I suppose blogging about Technorati tends to Kibo y’all into showing up. If it didn’t, that would be sort of an indictment of your service.

    Ken and JP, thanks for the pointer. I have already followed the steps, although I used rather than this blog. It kind of makes sense, sense it is about me, you know? I tried logging in to secret project and it worked fine. Now I need to find something else to test out a site I haven’t already granted permission to.

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