Zombie Me

We’ve been back from San Francisco since late Thursday night but I haven’t blogged because I’ve been in sort of a weird haze. I’ve napped a lot, underperformed a lot of things I would like to have done and generally been a lump. I opted to go into work for the one day Friday, which was a pretty dumb idea. I was there and did stuff but felt worn out the whole time. It would have made sense to take the day off and just roll into the weekend.

I ended up passing on my company’s Xmas party Friday night because it was in North Myrtle Beach far from my house, and that turned out to have been the right call. I was asleep on the couch on and off all evening. Saturday involved another party with a long drive, this time to Pawleys Island. Because I took the dog to the park early afternoon, that more or less chewed up the entire day. Today I had plans to get a podcast done, do a lot of work and pretty much none of that happened. We did make it to Target and Pier One to get all the Xmas shopping done that we are going to do.

It’s a weird offshoot of the new media world that to hold down a full-time job and then not blog or podcast on the weekend makes me feel like a lazy failure. I’d like to get more of that stuff done but I need to re-calibrate my attitude that to not do the sidelight is not necessarily a lacking.

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Me”

  1. Don Moore says:

    Vegging out is always acceptable.

  2. mike dunn says:

    life’s to short to stress over when and how you do the things you love dave – the right time to do them will be when they’re done – not trying to be zen about it but all this connected new media stuff should add value to life not create angst when it can’t be done 🙂

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