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My dear friend Nicola Griffith is performing her own interesting blogospheric experiment. She is writing a novel about Hild of Whitby and to aid in her research she has started a research blog about it. I think this is a smart move. By sharing what she learns, she attracts whatever community there is about that era of history to her. Since this is an esoteric subject, any suggestions brought by that community might be highly valuable. She also builds up excitement about this subject in Hild of Whitby fans if there be any. I just don’t see any downside and a lot of potentially valuable upsides. Check it out if you can. This is indicative of what our online future holds. Any time you want some information, you start by giving what you have. Hello, infotopia!

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2 thoughts on “Nicola Griffith’s New Novel Blog”

  1. nicola says:

    It’s a scary experiment for me: showing my novelistic process to the world in real time. But already it’s paying dividends. I’m thrilled.

  2. Mom says:

    I know what Nicola means about the abbey ruins at Whitby. I, too, had to go over and place my hands on the stones and then walk around and over and through the ruins. The view down into the bay is spectacular! It is a special place. I told Bruce we’re not done exploring England because he has not yet seen Whitby.
    I can’t wait until her book is published. Celtic prayers are interesting to read/hear as they address the natural world and everyday life, so matter of fact. The way it should be.

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