Again with the GTD

I’ve made several runs at implementing the GTD process in my life. It has to this point never rooted into my life to the point where it is indispensable and intrinsic to my days. Interestingly to me, despite my failed attempts I haven’t decided that the system either doesn’t work or isn’t for me. I still feel that the fundamentals of GTD are sound and that I have failed to commit fully and implement completely.

I know that my weak point is the reviews. I have never done them consistently, not daily and not weekly. My inbox becomes something much worse, a big messy pile of things I have procrastinated on. I am making another run at this and am tweaking my tools and procedures some. Reverend Dan sent me a link to TiddlyWiki, which has a GTD specific offshoot. The beauty of this is that I can write the page with all the ease of a wiki but easily also print out 3X5 cards for putting in the Hipster PDA. My goal is to use the Hipster primarily, and then at periodic online points reconcile it with my personal wiki. As part of my review, I’ll print out cards when the changes are sufficient enough to warrant it. I didn’t want to have a fully online toolset, but I think the hybrid model might work well for me.

The other gap this wiki should help with is my inbox. I kept pages in the back of the Hipster for my mobile inbox to capture bits of information, many of which were timestamps in podcasts I wanted to quote in my show later on. Over time, the mix of ephemeral information and things I wanted to keep longer became a problem. I didn’t have a good transfer system to match the useful lifetime of the information. I think the freeform nature of the wiki will help with that. As part of my interim daily sync ups, I’ll capture those notes in the wiki and scratch them off the inbox cards.

Of course, I’m not thinking any of this is a panacea. I know the weak point has never been index cards or web pages or anything else but me and my own discipline. I need to to better, I want to be more organized and a productivity machine. I’m undefeated and ready to go again. Let’s get it on!

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3 thoughts on “Again with the GTD”

  1. I’m re-implementing this one:

    I liked it, tried it, early last year. Gave it up; running the thing from a thumb drive got to be really cumbersome.

    Now, I run it from a hard drive, and it’s much better.

    Thanks for the inspiration to get back into it again.


  2. Not trying to turn the world into a test lab or anything, but I’m pushing all the buttons I can find on this new free toy.

    As you were, EGCiverse.


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