De-torrenting Begins

Over the course of this weekend, I will be removing the bittorrents from my site. It is going to be quite the pain in the ass, as I’m going to edit every one of the 200 posts with a torrent as well as its enclosure metadata. Hopefully PodPress will make this easy. I’m not that familiar with it but I am happy to get moreso.

In the process, I’m going to simplify all the feeds. When I am done, the one and only feed anyone should subscribe to is . One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in this podcast was not picking a single feed URL outside of any blogging software and using it uniformly without ever changing. I sure wish I had. I learned early on that using the built in WordPress feed as the podcast feed was very bad, as it requires WordPress to assemble it (and hit the database, etc) every single time a podcatcher hits it, which can be several times a day or even every hour for every single person subscribed to you. It is much better to have a static text file that is your primary podcast feed, even if you use WordPress to assemble it as I do.

I’m slightly sad about the end of the bittorrent era on this podcast, but not much more than that. The bittorrents have gotten less and less use for the last 2 years, and now that isn’t really a scrappy project fighting the power anymore, there is no reason for me to fight the power. It’s time for me to do some things the easy way.

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7 thoughts on “De-torrenting Begins”

  1. Not to frighten you or anything, but I just had to reinstall WordPress after my podpress plug-in got hijacked with porn spam.

  2. Farewell bittorrent podcast distribution, we hardly knew ye.

  3. dave says:

    Mary, can you give me some details on that. I don’t even understand how a plugin can get hijacked with spam.

    Andrew, cue the trumpet playing taps…

  4. Hey Dave, I checked out the new feed and it appears that you should remove the beginning part of the egc-disclaimer.mp3 that refers to the BitTorrent feed, as it’s no longer needed.

    The rest of the disclaimer still makes me giggle. 🙂


  5. dave says:

    Darren, you know I haven’t even listened to the disclaimer in years. I should record a new one. Considering that a fair portion of that is in-jokes for intra-podcast squabbles I was having in 2004, some should probably go away. Thanks for reminding me of this. I might have left it that way forever.

  6. Matt Wardman says:


    I hope you don’t mind but I like your disclaimer so much I’ve posted about it for posterity (tomorrow PM) – catches the feeling of 2004.

    Matt Wardman

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