Inbox Zero

Last night I achieved the mythical “Inbox Zero” for the first time in four months and only the second or third time ever. It required some ruthlessness for sure. One advantage is that as you dig older and older in the queue some of the things have taken care of themselves or become so old they are irrelevant and can just be deleted. If you sent me an email and were waiting on a response, you either have the response or something got lost in the intertubes.

I’ve got enough things shaking that I truly want to be productive and organized so I’m taking another crack at GTD. I’ve already refreshed my Hipster PDA, now the emails are handled. This weekend I’ll work on the physical inbox. I hope to come out next week without a lot of legacy baggage and ready to just crank on some stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Inbox Zero”

  1. Heya Dave,

    Synchronicity. Nicola came out of her office last night and said, “Give me a beer, I have 0 emails in my inbox.” I did indeed give her a beer! And here’s a wish-beer for you.

    Happy new Year and may 2008 be a year of only easy/good email, no trolls and no bullshit.



  2. man, i’m just not sure i can do the inbox zero thing… in my 2 main email accounts, right now 1116 and 2291 both equal 0 to me. ugh!

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