Mike Huckabee, Theocrat

Here in South Carolina, there is a campaign ad for Mike Huckabee in which he says “I will put values above politics.” I’ve always thought that was a coded message to his supporters that was really said “I put Jesus above the Constitution.” That turns out to have been the correct parsing, because now he’s not even coding it.

Via Avedon Carol I found this article at Lawyers, Guns and Money. It’s hard to believe, but Huckabee actually made these outrageous statements:

“I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution,” Huckabee told a Michigan audience on Monday. “But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.”

Mike Huckabee believes we need to change the Constitution to be be more in line with the Bible. Political reporters, are you pressing him on this? What does that mean, exactly? He will be in town this week. I’m considering going to his rally with a video camera, just to see if he volunteers an answer to this very Bible Belt crowd or if I can throw out the question and get a response. This is a very important substantive bit of information about a candidate, which matters far more than meta-political horserace strategizing. Help us out, here.

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6 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee, Theocrat”

  1. julien says:

    that is totally insane. you should absolutely go with a video camera, it’d be great to document that.

  2. Paul says:


    Please take the camera just for the sake of being a citizen journalist!

  3. dave says:

    Unfortunately, the thing was today when I thought it was tomorrow. He did 30 minutes at the airport and then flew on to the next city. I had to do something at lunchtime and couldn’t go. Que sera.

  4. James says:

    the only thing that scares me more than Huckabee in the white house is a baptist re-write of our Constitution.

    See my video on the subject:


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