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Today I was invited to participate in a new Gillmor venture, the the News Gang. Steve’s always liked me despite whatever dicklike behavior I exhibit, so what could I do but say yes? Late in the afternoon I got a direct Twitter message from Steve inviting me. I was a little worried about the logistics of calling in from my day job but it all worked out. Thanks to Steve for the invitation. It was nerve wracking but fun. It definitely is harder than it sounds, because it is difficult to tell what time to talk so a few times I just sort of waded in and threw an elbow. It’s kind of like being on a Subgenius show.

The episode is live now, so check it out. I’m not going to listen back because I don’t want to hear how stupid and nervous I sounded, but I’d appreciate honest feedback on how I did from those who do listen. Just the other day I was wondering to myself what I had to do to weasel myself an invite onto the Gillmor Gang/Group and bingo, there it was. Papa likes!

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

11 thoughts on “News Gang”

  1. Adam says:

    I’ll listen to it – but where is the rss feed for the show?

    I’ve always like Gilmore – but his site just looks like a “pile of stuff.”


  2. Kurtiss Hare says:

    Hey Dave,

    It was invigorating to hear my two favorite podcasters together (you and Steve). You sounded more paced than you do on your own show, but not nervous. Pacing is probably key to making group call-in shows comprehensible. Anyway, good job…hope Steve invites you back.

  3. Robert says:

    Nice job Dave…I wish Gillmor would try his other show with some new blood. Nothing personal towards his current gang but it is a lot of smart babble that goes no place. It’s a old boy club speaking to about twenty people.

  4. Bill Riski says:

    Hey Dave,

    Two pleasant surprises. First, what a treat to see a Gang show come across Steve’s feed after the fireworks / train wreck / entertainment-run-amock of his last show.

    Second, to hear him introduce you really blind-sided me. I’ve been a long time listener to both of your podcasts ‘since the beginning’ and while you’ve mentioned each other over the years, never heard you two together.

    About the show – you came across to me as intelligent, articulate, and a real contributor to the conversation. In addition, Steve put together a great Gang of folks and, much as I dislike politics, I certainly can appreciate how important they are to our future. I’m a long time republican (retired military, etc.) but we’ve had 8 long years of a President and his administration running roughshod over the electorate, usurping Presindentail powers, bashing liberties, etc. So this topic on a Gang was timely, at least for me.

    Kudos to Steve and this week’s Gang!

  5. dave says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

    Bill, the enormous kindness and generosity of Steve’s intro took me a little aback too and brought a tiny tear to my eye. I’m with you on the current state of the nation. We are at a turning point and if we fuck it up, that’s the end of the USA we grew up in. Hello Great Britain, is there room for us on the formerly powerful empire couch?

  6. Hi Dave,

    I listened to the ‘trainwreck’ episode and your episode back to back last night. I really enjoyed the ‘trainwreck’ episode, although Jason can go a bit overboard at times.

    Being from north of the border and not interested in politics, I was about to skip forward to next podcast on my iPod when I heard the topic of the ‘politics’ episode, but I’m glad I didn’t. It turned out to be a very enjoyable episode. And don’t worry, you didn’t sound like a dick. 🙂

  7. Eddie Dickey says:

    Dave, You sounded great and you added value to the show with your opinion. Put more politics on EGC..

  8. Danny says:

    Dave you were great. You only sounded a bit off your game, and just for a second or two, after Steve’s introduction. You recovered immediately and contributed many of the best moments to the show, and what a fantastic show at that. I wish Steve weren’t such a reluctant Buddha. No one puts together a high value show of tech/social pundits as well as Steve. He truly has no equal in the genre. But he can’t seem to manage the little things. For instance, the link he provided above no longer works. I find it frustrating. I wish he would enlist the assistance of a fan that is also a Web developer and let them lend a hand (likely at no cost). Nonetheless, you were great and I hope that I can look forward to your participation on future Gangs. And also let’s keep the EGC flowing too!

  9. dave says:

    Danny, thanks for your kind words. I was taken a little aback by the introduction and had to recover from that. Hard to keep up with that crowd, but I did what I could to match my game to theirs. I hope I’ll be invited back.

    I’ll try to keep the EGC coming. Doing what I can, brother!

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