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John Edwards in Conway SC
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Over the course of the primary season, my only real question was whether I was going to vote for Kucinich or Edwards. That question has been answered over the last few weeks, and I’m proudly voting for John Edwards.

I’ve long ago decided that I hate that triangulating style of politics that Bill Clinton mastered so well. If I hate that from politicians, how can I do any different with my vote? I hear people not wanting to vote for candidates because they “aren’t electable.” That’s crap. It just makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d have been happy to vote for either because they are the two candidates in the field who unwaveringly support the ideas and ideals that I care about. Kucinich disappointed me hard in Iowa when he urged his supporters to move to Obama, despite the fact that Edwards is much closer to him in his beliefs. At the Myrtle Beach debate and really all through the campaign, Edwards has stood out for me as the true progressive candidate.

I’m voting for him today and I’m using his “virtual phone bank” tool to make phone calls to other South Carolinians on his behalf. I refuse to accept the Big Media brokered coronation of Clinton over the last year, or Obama since Iowa. Let’s throw a wrench in their game plan and have John take this state, the state he was born in. Stick it to the man, vote Edwards!

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10 thoughts on “I’m Voting Edwards”

  1. Andre Pope says:

    Voted for Edwards myself. He impressed my very much when I saw him live at the debates on Monday. It looks as if Obama won SC, though.

  2. I hate to point out the irony of your stick it to the man comment, but I will.

    Isn’t Edwards the only one of the three that fits the profile of “The Man”?

    Of course, I’m an Obama supporter myself. So I’m sticking it to the man in other methods.

  3. dave says:

    Seems like you are talking demography, ie that Edwards is white male. The fact that Obama is black doesn’t give him a pass on all the Joe Lieberman-esque policies. If you did a blind taste test of the ideas separated from the cult of personality, you’d pick Edwards’ policy. The policies Obama proposes aren’t very progressive, disappointingly so given his background as a community activist.

    Of course, American voters vote on cult of personality more than anything else. So, have at it with the cult.

  4. I personally think that the way Obama couches his terms is part and parcel with the realities of what a Black man running for POTUS is going to have to say. There is a reason why he needs Secret Service protection and Edwards doesn’t. Same reason they picked Jackie Robinson and not Josh Gibson. Jackie wouldn’t rush the opposing team with a bat like Josh would. Welcome to the USA.

    In a blind taste test of policies, I really don’t think you could taste the difference. Your “cult of personality” stuff is really just more of a way to say “your guy is more charismatic than mine, but fuck you”. Now don’t get me wrong, I like John Edwards. The reality of it is, though, if he could motivate people the way Obama can, there would be a lot less poor people right now. And if he was as steadfast in his beliefs as Obama, he wouldn’t have voted for the AUMF. Which is why I support Obama. He will get alot more done as president than Edwards could. And prolly won’t get talked out of it like Edwards can be.

    And I defy you to find one policy reminiscent of Lieberman. Find me one, otherwise we can just watch that strawman burn. Here’s a dKos diary comparing the candidate’s positions. I don’t see much difference. So it comes down to who can win it and get it done.

    I got $5 on Obama.

  5. That quote he is shitting himself over in that post praised Reagan’s policies not in the least. Lieberman’s does. Obama is way to the left of Lieberman in his votes and policies. In that quote, he was saying that Reagan transformed the trajectory of America (which he did). He is saying that he would also like to change the trajectory of America (I hope he does). If you want to see his policy ideas, they are plastered all over his site. Nothing Liebermanesque about them.

    Let’s play the same game with your boy. Who said A:

    We both believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. But we also believe that gay and lesbians and gay and lesbian couples, those who have been in long-term relationships, deserve to be treated respectfully, they deserve to have benefits. For example, a gay couple now has a very difficult time, one, visiting the other when they’re in the hospital, or, for example, if, heaven forbid, one of them were to pass away, they have trouble even arranging the funeral.

    and who said B:

    I’d rather that domestic partner benefits, such as hospital – hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples. I don’t want civil unions or gay marriage.

    One of them is Mitt Romney. Doesn’t matter which, cause they are the same thing. Shame your boy is so Romney-esque.

    Except that he isn’t and cherry-picking a couple of quotes is utter bullshit. I’m smart enough to know that chunks of conversations don’t give you the whole idea of the man. His works (like community organizer, civil rights lawyer, etc.) give you an idea of Obama. Just as Edwards record as a lawyer and books about the poor (though i’m not sure exactly which poor people have benefited from his stuff) give you an idea of him.

    If you are all for him, cool. You just ain’t sticking it to the man. Electing another rich white guy who can be scared into killing Iraqis so that he doesn’t look weak isn’t the revolution you make it out to be.

  6. dave says:

    Edwards spent much of his legal career representing individuals against large corporations. Try looking here:


  7. Okay. I mentioned his career as a lawyer. It’s laudable. So was his career as a Senator. So is he as a person. His wife rocks. I personally think he is great. I wish he had become VP in 2004 and we prolly wouldn’t even be discussing this right now.

    A vote for him still ain’t a vote for sticking it to the man. Unless by “sticking it to the man” you mean “I’m voting for the longshot”, in which case you are indeed sticking it to the man.

  8. Lenslinger says:

    You two brothers?

  9. dave says:

    Stewart, does it show? Sadly, this whole argument is now moot.

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