iPodderX Lives (Sort Of)

I haven’t listened to TWiT regularly in some time, but I was curious to listen to the episode that Steve Gillmor was on. During that episode Dave Winer talked about iPodderX. That started an interesting chain of events. Both of the iPodderX guys posted their views of the situation, first Ray then August. I guess that put a bug in their ears because the next day, they released the underlying python code with a Creative Commons license. Wow, that’s good stuff. I hope that someone takes this and runs with it. I’ve been dissatisfied with all my various podcatching options and waited for Transistr for a long time until it became obvious that it was never happening. Will someone take up this torch? I’d love to but I’m time deprived for the foreseeable future.

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2 thoughts on “iPodderX Lives (Sort Of)”

  1. iPx was my tool of choice for a good while. Now, I’m in the “download MP3” group. Which explains the drastic fall-off in my podcast listening,

    I wish I were more of a developer; projects such as this deserve to live on. I can be one helluva fan boy for whoever picks up and runs with this one.


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