Dave Stevens, R.I.P.

Sadly, artist and writer Dave Stevens died of leukemia yesterday. Here is Mark Evanier’s obituary of him. I’ve been a fan of the late Mr. Stevens since reading the Rocketeer stories in Pacific comics in the early 80’s. His art has always been fantastic, whether in comic book form or his exquisite paintings. He was the opposite of prolific, a perfectionistic who took a very long time with his work and produced very slowly. I kind of wish he had slightly lower standards but had put out twice or ten times as much as he did. Still, I’m grateful for every bit of it.

This photo is of me with Dave at the 1994 Dragon*Con. I had just finished interviewing him and I thought he was a great guy and very fun to talk with. I only wish I could have had dozens of conversations with him. It’s sad to lose him at all, and especially at the age of 52. He will be missed.

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