*-Camps vs Conferences

Eric Rice rethinks the whole *-Camp thing. His suggestions are goofy and for comedic effect but you know, they aren’t miles away from the thinking behind Create South. From the very first conversation I ever had about it, I knew I wanted it to be more doing things and less talking about doing things. The whole reason it is not “Podcamp Myrtle Beach” is that we want to bring in people beyond the core group of insiders who tend to show up to such things. The idea of having no set agenda before you get there just seems antithetical to getting in the people who most need to learn. This whole conference is our attempt to thread the needle between the boringness of most tech conferences, the energy and chaos of the *-Camps, the “audience is in charge” aspect of the Bloggercons, all with a minimum of dogma and maximum hands on at all points. Do you want to help thread that needle? You can, by showing up my friends.

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