Bad Mood on a Beautiful Day

I’m at lunch down by the beach on an absolutely beautiful day, and yet I’m in a bad mood. I went to a Schlotzky’s despite my instincts because they are all supposed to have wifi and I wanted to get some work done outside of the office today. I came down here, stood in line forever and then when I fired up the laptop found that this Scholtzky’s does not in fact have wifi. I’m attached to some distant signal that comes and goes. I wanted to have time for a beach walk but that’s out now. In fact, I should be headed back to the office right now but I haven’t even gotten my food.

I try not to be a stressed out spazmo hardassed in this life, but if you stand in line at a fast food type place for ten or fifteen minutes, you should have your shit together and be ready to order when you hit the front of the line. Waiting until you are ordering to make decisions with your party of five is a pretty lousy use of time for all of us. You had fifteen minutes to do that!

I’m just in an increasingly foul mood now.

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One thought on “Bad Mood on a Beautiful Day”

  1. Try going to a restaurant that blames the poor service on them not being ready after the newspaper featured them. No matter what the circumstances, you can see poor service. Either you can handle a crowd or you can’t.

    There are a few restaurants here that run 2 cashiers and if a party is not ready, they will bump them to the second cashier as they take orders from those who are on a time-budget. These people get upset, occasionally, I take a moment to explain and ask them to watch others. There’s a reason menus are available several places in line before the cashier. So get a clue, others….

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