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I’m just curious about this. Ecto has tags on the side that I use occasionally, but they insert into the bottom of the post as a footer type deal. Now that I’m a version of WordPress with tags built in, is the whole deal hooked together well enough that these will just recognized as WordPress tags? That would be cool but I’m not holding my breath.

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4 thoughts on “Tag Test”

  1. Harold says:

    Dave, you might want to try out MacJournal, too. The developer is really responsive and seems to be actively developing the his app’s tags features. Read the developer’s blog to guage how active he is: http://danschimpf.blogspot.com/

  2. I don’t think Ecto can support that yet because WordPress didn’t (as far as I know) build tags into their XML-RPC api. Much the same as drafts aren’t built in so everything looks published in Ecto, it’s really bloody annoying.

  3. dave says:

    Harold, I will indeed check that out. Thanks.

    Andrew, I think you are wrong on that. If you’ll notice all the tags and the tag cloud on here. All of that came from just resubmitting old posts via Ecto and letting it repost the old tags that were already in there.

  4. awesome… I’ll have to grab a new version of ecto then 🙂

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