First WordPress 2.5 Impressions

So far so good on the WordPress upgrade and host migration. Ideally, one would be doing these things in smaller, more manageable pieces rather than all at once, but I had no choice. Once WP 2.5 was released, I no longer had the option of installing an older version with the Dreamhost installer so I just did it myself in a weird mishmash of the automatic and manual. It seems to have worked.

Thus far only one person has mentioned having any problems commenting, and that person also had a success so I’m not sure if it was just a fluke. The “Your user agent string has changed” error has not come back, so that’s great. I think I’ve figured out the WP tagging and added in a cloud and a bit for my themes to display them. There are old posts that I have tags in Ecto but not WordPress. If I find some giant bank of time, I might go and resubmit all the old posts. Don’t hold breath.

More later, my food is here. Mmmm, gyro platter!

Update: My woes with the password continue. I couldn’t submit this post at lunchtime. I have to keep resetting the password of my ‘dave’ user and I don’t know why. I’ll save it, all will be fine and then the next time I go to use it, “incorrect password.” That is really getting to be a big drag fast.

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6 thoughts on “First WordPress 2.5 Impressions”

  1. is there a reason why you’re using a “dave” account? i just work as admin but use a nickname for comments. never had a problem.

  2. Drew, I just prefer to have my posts and such under my name rather than Admin. It feels more cordial that way, or something.

  3. Dave, re the user name, you can specify what name is displayed on posts in the User settings area. If you specify a Nickname, and save, you can then choose that to display.

  4. that’s what i meant by nickname. i’m logged in as admin, but it displays as drew. that just might cure your password blues.

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