Myrtle Beach’s Comic Shop is Back!

There used to be one comic shop in my area, which was in Surfside Beach at Highway 544 and Kings Highway. We’d drive by it if we were going to Myrtle Beach State Park or the dog park. That shop closed a while ago, which left me with no local comic options. I have periodically been buying comics at the store in Goldsboro NC when we visit my father-in-law. I was pleasantly surprised today to find out that the store is back in business!

Even better, the new location is not far from my day job office so I can easily make a run there at lunch time. Because it is only a few doors down from Sun City Cafe I might make this a periodic package deal – funny books and fish tacos. Back when I was working in downtown Portland OR I had a lunch routine I did every so often. I would take the bus down Burnside to the east side and to go Future Dreams to shop for comics and science fiction books and then get a gyro platter at Foti’s next door. That definitely is a fun way to wile away the lunch hour and melt away the stress of the work day. I might just give this a shake tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach’s Comic Shop is Back!”

  1. Robert says:

    Please tell Steve AA and Robert from VA say hello. Also would be a good place to leave some postcards.

  2. dave says:

    Robert, I’m going there at lunchtime today to leave some stuff and probably take away some stuff. I will send your regards. Thanks.

  3. Ed says:

    What is the actual name/location of this place. Or the address so that I can find it. Thank you very much

  4. dave says:

    Ed, it is Corsair Comics although it has not outside sign of its own. It is in the same space as Palmetto Studios: 807 Main Street (ie, Hwy 501) in Myrtle Beach. It’s half a block from where the Pavillion used to be, right by Gene Ho Photography.

  5. Randy Bigger says:

    I have several first edition comics from the 90’s, is this something that your store sells much of as i am looking to reduce my collection. Please let me know, there are a few worth taking a look at! thanks for your time, Randy

  6. becky hanna says:

    i have lady death comic books for sale..was wondering if you buy comics or know who does

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