Create South – T minus 9 hours

Tonight a group of us met at the Liberty Steakhouse for dinner and drinks as a pre-conference shindig. I met a few people that I knew online but had never met in person. This includes Heather who has been helping organize and calling in to the conference calls but who I didn’t previously know. I’m more excited than ever and more terrified than ever.

We’re now at that point where things are what they are. There are still a few details, but pretty much everything is in hand. I’m still sweating those, but I think all is taken care of. I’m so happy to be in this deal with Andre who has been a true monster of rock. Lots of people have helped in lots of ways, but having things such as all the food cooked by him and his wife Heidi and printing all the banners himself. I went by his office tonight to get a wifi router and he was punching grommets in the banners.

The complete list of people that have contributed is long and maybe Sunday I’ll take a minute and try to catalog it. Really a lot of what we’re doing tomorrow is cooking a big pot of stone soup. Everyone is bringing a little something with them, literally and metaphorically. I predict will have something tasty and interesting and it will be because of everyone there. To quote Steve Gillmor, “Thanks to everyone that showed up and especially those that didn’t.” See you there!

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