Life Kicks My Butt, Wins

You might think that having CREATE South behind us means that things get calmer. “HA” is the response. Not only is this a very big week at my day job (which included having a server melt down right before we were going to upgrade it), but simultaneously we are getting our kitchen floor worked on. Every evening and several mornings, I’ve been sawing off the bottom portion of a pocket door and running a band saw over the edges of plywood to level it out. It’s been exhausting and yesterday was the biggest of the big days.

The guys came to install the tile, found that even with the cutting of the pocket door it wasn’t high enough so we had to come up with a workaround. Then, they found rotten wood under the washer which needed to be fixed before they can finish, so I had to work up a second set of repairs. It was a big day of arranging stuff I hate to arrange. Then, around 5 PM I went in to work for our big upgrade and ended up getting home around 4 AM. It was grueling and then today wasn’t much easier. Now it’s late Friday evening with me and the dog in an empty house with ourselves. I thought about doing a podcast tonight while there is free time but I just don’t feel like it. I’m too fried for that.

It’s been an awful week and now I’m just glad it is over.

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