Ed Cone on Conway

After his trip to CREATE South, Ed Cone and his wife came back the very next weekend. What’s interesting about that post is the place they had lunch is in downtown Conway, walking distance from my house. This little joint is across the parking lot from the hardware store I shop, around the block is the restaurant at which we had our anniversary dinner and the theater we go to see the community plays. I really enjoy my little town and I get a kick out of seeing Ed enjoy it too.

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One thought on “Ed Cone on Conway”

  1. AA says:

    Conway is wonderful! I am so glad that they have maintained the downtown area and continued to give it a face-lift. In case you didn’t know .. across from the dry cleaners on main street (catty-corner from the big theatre sign) is a building that is being revamped into a couple of condos on the second floor. The *interesting* part, is that behind these is the OLD theatre and it is HUGE! It has been gutted and I’m not sure what they’re doing with it next, but if you can manage to get a peek, I’d highly recommend it.

    As for the old Hardware store, it used to belong to my friend’s granddad 🙂 Has anyone done a good history book on Conway yet? There are so many locals whose roots are deep, I bet you could get some great stories.

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