Get Out, Hillary Clinton

Reading the news yesterday of the Democratic Primary, an insight hit me. Even though there are ways Hillary Clinton could win the nomination there are none still in play that wouldn’t taint the process, make it feel stolen and drive away all the new energized Democrats who have been signing up for the last six months. She could pull some chicanery with Florida and Michigan or she could appeal to the superdelegates but in either case she plays right into the scumbag Machiavellian stereotype many of us have about her and her husband.

I think this week is the one where the thing many of us feel becomes impossible to miss: HRC would rather be the nominee and lose in November than see her party win. I’ve felt this all along which is why I’ve never had a glimmer of support for her. No one should buy that she cares about the good of the masses when she obviously does not care about the good of even her political allies. If she persists on this this course from here forward, I want to see her lose her senate seat, and there be no chance whatsoever of another presidential run. She and Joe Lieberman can go form the “It’s All About Me” party and have a good ol’ time there. For the people whose primary concern is staunching the bleeding of liberty from our government and Constitution, there are more important things than individual quests for power.

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One thought on “Get Out, Hillary Clinton”

  1. you hit the nail on the head. Hillary Clinton will burn the whitehouse down before she let someone else in. That is a sad situation. For all those old women voting for Clinton. Your not the american voice.
    The only reason she’s still in this losing race is because she’s a Clinton. And that’s all. Anyone else would of been shown the door.
    I lost all respect for her 2 months ago. She’s from so many states I lost track. For all those who said they will vote for McCain instead of Obama. Grow up and be an adult. Acting like your 12 doen’t help the party. Throwing a fit like a child is beneath this party. We don’t need your baby antics anyway. I get so sick and tired of hearing about her winning the popular vote. Michigan didn’t even have Obama on the ballet. She talks about being fair. How is she being fair. That makes her a liar. Her ego is standing in the way.
    Hillary thought she would sail into this. and now she’s pissed about it. She’ll still be campaigning when Obama is being sworn in.
    Now she is embarssing herself and her name.
    The Clintons are not the Kennedys so quit acting like your political royalty.
    Bush stole the 2000 election thanks to Baker and Reb blocking everything. Florida being a screwed up state as always.

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