The Downside of the Cullect Widget

A couple months ago I put the Cullect widget on this blog’s sidebar. I’ve been trying to support Garrick van Buren and Cullect, mostly because he has always been a strong supporter of most or all of my projects and I owe him some karmic debt. There is one problem with that, though. When I first put on the widget, I was in three reading lists and now I’m in two. This is the sort of thing that I hope never matters to me but it subtly eats at me. Who dropped me? Why? Is it because I’m blogging less lately or because I’m blogging about more ephemeral topics with lack of time to tackle big ones? These are bogus questions hardly worth considering but they still pop into my head. I have no intention of dropping the widget but there is a psychic cost to having it that never occurred to me until today.

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