Tan Tan Noodles Simple Spam Filter for WordPress

I’m experimenting with a new feature on the site that puts in a second level of protection on comment spam. It’s this WordPress plugin from Tan Tan Noodles (your guess is as good as mine on the name.) The thing I like best is the idea that should a legitamite comment by a real person get flagged as spam, they have a second chance to enter the captcha. Once in a very blue moon I will get a legitamite comment trapped but it is really prohibitive to go and look for comments in the Akismet trap page. Right now, I have 1600 in there from the last 14 days. Life is too short to weed through that.

If folks could do me a favor and just leave a test comment on this post, I’d appreciate it. Upgrading to WordPress 2.5 broke comments and I’d like to not do that again. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Tan Tan Noodles Simple Spam Filter for WordPress”

  1. dave says:

    Test from me while I am logged in. This should be no problem.

  2. hugh says:

    According to the mighty Google, Tan Tan Noodles are food.

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  3. Ken Kennedy says:

    Sounds reasonable enough, I’ll kick in a comment. Hope things are well, Dave!

  4. Matt says:

    Here’s a test comment for ya.

  5. dave says:

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  7. Ken Nelson says:

    Fell down the spam chute myself a while back.

    Ohhhhh ….noooo…..


  8. Ken Nelson says:


  9. Jim S says:

    Hi Dave. Glad to hear about your resurrected radio show as a podcast. I will check it out. Love to hear you more often.


    Jim S.

  10. Jim S says:

    Dave, what WordPress theme are you using?

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