Return to the Gym

I’ve gotten sick of my own weight and generally poor level of fitness lately, so week before last we rejoined the gym. The local hospital has a gym on its premises and it is a pretty good one. It has all the equipment and weights you would expect plus a swimming pool. I’ve started on three day rotation of lifting weights and cardio that goes like this:

Day 1: Cardio warmup; lifting for chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps

Day 2: Cardio warmup; lifting for back and legs

Day 3: Serious cardio, mostly swimming

Today is about my second week in and for my swimming I did 13 laps or 650 yards total. I don’t know if that’s good bad or indifferent but it feels good to me. I haven’t noticed dramatic changes but I do feel better and more energetic overall. I’m starting to add more sets into the weight lifting now that I’m past the initial starting back soreness.

Truth be told, I missed the gym when I wasn’t going. While I’ve never been a super serious body builder, I like gyms and like being in them. I enjoy farting with the equipment and the free weights, I like the atmosphere and just generally enjoy my time when I am there. It feels good to be back. Now if I drop a few pounds (like, 70 would not be crazy) and get my fitness level back where it should be, all is well.

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