Twitter Migration Tweak

I updated my original post on how to leave Twitter to include this information, but I thought I’d make a new post as well so people see it. If you are pushing your FriendFeed entries to Twitter via TwitterFeed, you might want to use the feed of this format as the source to TwitterFeed: . That will only push your original FriendFeed messages, not any of your other services. That can keep from overwhelming your Twitter account with things like Google Reader shares and such. The other beneficial bit is that it will prevent those loops when your Twitter account feeds FF and FF pushes back to Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Migration Tweak”

  1. Ken Kennedy says:

    Good idea, Dave. I made the same adjustment.

  2. Why did u choose geniodiabolico ( devil genius) instead of geniodelmale (evil genius) ?

  3. dave says:

    I have an ID for my show where Sergio Aragones uses the phrase “Genio Diabolico” and I really like how it sounds. Even if it is less literally correct, I like it better as poetry.

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