Striving for Fitness

I’ve been doing pretty well at going to the gym lately. My goal is six days a week and I don’t think I have hit that yet but I’ve done five multiple weeks. I do a three day rotation of lifting weights twice and then swimming on the third day, and ideally I do that twice through. This morning I swam 18 laps for 900 yards total, a little over half a mile! I don’t know what serious swimmers do but that seems like a lot to me. I had done the same total distance last time but I’m cutting down on breaks. I did this one in six groups of three laps, a break to catch my breath and measure my pulse and then back at it. Last time I did it in two laps at a time, so I cut my breaks by a third. I look forward to the day when I can swim as far as I’m going without breaks at all.

My swimming pace will not impress anyone. When the serious swimmer kids get in the pool, they usually go about twice my pace. I’m in it for the distance, to burn calories and lose weight and improve my fitness level. When I can swim over half a mile without gasping for air I’l be quite happy. For now, I’m happy with my progress.

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  1. That sounds like a good and realistic pace of improvement.

    I’m naturally competitive, yet unmotivated, classes work best for me. I just started back last week after 18 months with three classes. Now that I can move again my goal is 4 days a week. My husband’s ridiculous work schedule + 3 kids under 5 occasionally make getting to the gym brutal. On days I miss class I’m doing Couch 2 5k and weights.

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