Myrtle Beach’s War on Tourism

Myrtle Beach is not only looking at driving away the May bike weeks, but when a recent flap arose over an ad encouraging gay travelers people were quick to back away. I’m no tourism expert but it seems to me that in a down economy with crazily rising energy and travel costs, when airlines are cutting routes to the city, maybe just maybe you’d take what tourists you can get. Since both the Harley riders and gay couples tend to be more affluent than average, it might be a good idea to encourage both groups to come to town and bring their checkbooks. When you try to discourage specific groups from coming, the knock on effect is that you discourage everyone. Real life is not so fine grained, everything is connected, and when you try to prevent tourism of one type my bet is you’ll prevent tourism of all kinds. As a year round resident of the area who would prefer restaurants and businesses to be able to survive and serve me whenever I want them, I say bring on the gay bikers!

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One thought on “Myrtle Beach’s War on Tourism”

  1. No doubt on this. Some people don’t really pay any attention to the whole economics thing. Somehow, I have a feeling they’re the same people that go around driving Hummers and saying how gas doesn’t effect them. 😉

    Pushing out tourism in this economy is just stupid in general for a tourism based city.

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