Back From Vacation but Really Not

We returned from the mountains late Friday afternoon but it has been really hard to transition from vacation mode to normal life mode. I haven’t blogged or really wanted to do much of anything this weekend. We did go see The Dark Knight yesterday, a brilliant movie about which I should blog at length. I’m not sure the last time we took a whole week long vacation. It’s possible that we never have – Xmas holidays excluded because that’s the opposite of restful for us, usually involving shlepping from state to state seeing the various families. I enjoyed doing it, but I have no practice in decompressing and then recompressing. Maybe I should make a habit of this.

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One thought on “Back From Vacation but Really Not”

  1. I have to admit, I’ve started to enjoy it. I never took week-long (or longer!) vacations until I got married, but my wife takes the whole vacation thing very seriously, and I think she’s onto something. It’s pretty great.

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