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I’ll be at Dragon*Con next weekend. I’m doing a live taping of this podcast and/or an epsiode of Reality Break on Friday from 10-11 PM. On Sunday at 8:30 PM I’ll be giving a talk on the podcasting track entitled “Why Podcasting Matters.” Earlier today I described it as “a mashup of both my NME talks, Geoghegan’s “Death of Podcasting” and a little bit of Subgenius tent devival.” If you’ll be at Dragon*Con, come to one or both of my presentations, please! There will be giveaways at the live taping, so I’m willing to bribe you.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon*Con Schedule”

  1. Ken Kennedy says:

    LOL…no bribing required! I’ll do my best to be at one or both…depending on other schedule stuff, but I’m sure I’ll make at least one of them.

    Late night, I’m usually on the smoking porch behind the Hyatt, or in the gaming area…I’ll keep an eye out for you! We’re back staying in the Marriott this year, so I’ll probably be hanging out near the bar there as well.

    See ya next week!

  2. darkmoon says:

    Dang. We totally missed out on Dragoncon this year for booking so unless we suddenly decide to take a quick trip to Atlanta and pay at the door, I’m probably not going to be there.

    But if I go, I’ll give ya a holler on your mobile.

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