Goodbye Hanna

In a weird twist for hurricane season, the path of Hanna became ever more direct to our town but at the same time it weakened. It hit us pretty close to square on but had less impact than some of the ordinary storms this summer. When I walked the dog this morning I didn’t even see that much debris around. Back in June we had a storm that knocked down limbs all over town, including one that punched a hole in our shed and ripped the cable out of the house. This was nowhere near even that.

Thanks for all the good wishes everyone. This one was a pretty easy ride. May all the rest of them be too.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Hanna”

  1. Ken Nelson says:

    Glad you and yours are OK. The remains of Hanna are now in our area; buckets of rain are falling, but little wind.

    My Midwestern mind still has a hard time wrapping itself around the sheer power ans size of these things; even smaller ones like Hanna thankfully turned out to be.


  2. Rich Naran says:

    Up here in New Jersey we got a day of residual hard rain here in the Princeton area. In the north we have been very luck throughout the years. At my summer home in Ocala Fla. we’ve been just as lucky being on the end of most storms.

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