Get Well Soon, Teresa

I came in from an enjoyable evening at the Myrtle Beach Train Depot for this month’s South by Southeast to find the bad news that Teresa Nielsen Hayden has had a heart attack. You many know her as co-proprietor of Making Light or comment moderator of Boing Boing. I’ve known Patrick and Teresa in a virtual sense since I was a young dumbass science fiction fan stumbling into the GEnie SFRT back in 1992. They’ve always seemed like the people a step ahead of where I want to be, a little bit smarter than I ever get to, and clued in to things in a way I wish I was.

My heart goes out to Teresa and also to Patrick, all their many friends and family. May her recovery be speedy and complete. I’ll keep my eyes open about specific things that can be done to help her and post them here as I find them out.

Update: The blogospherical cone of silence has lifted, as Patrick posts an update on Making Light.

Update #2: Teresa is purported to be released today (9/15). Woot!

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