Surprise Good Clean Fun

Last night I was feverishly working on the Mur Lafferty episode of Reality Break at the same time I was listening to the live stream of Good Clean Fun and was in the chat. Yeah, I know. They got to talking about the early days of podcasting and decided to call me, which was a bit of a surprise and I wasn’t ready for but I did it. The conversation was rambly and I have no idea why Jasper wanted to ask me about what I do when I go to the gym, but there you go. I’ve decided that when I go for two weeks without a new show produced by me, I’ll put in links to some of these other things in my feed. That way, at least I can keep it from going dark. As it is, I have an episode to publish today and others that will be hot on its heels. I still have a lot of material in the can from Dragon*Con.

I join the call somewhere about halfway in this very long episode of Good Clean Fun. Check it out if you are so inclined.

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